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Upcoming Lessons

Polite Little Pandas.png

Polite Little Pandas

Join our "Polite Little Pandas" program to instill vital social skills and kindness in preschoolers. Through interactive activities, crafts, and stories, your child will grow into a considerate, confident, and polite panda!


Poised and Pretty

"Poised and Pretty"" empowers children with essential social skills, confidence, and charming interactions for a brighter future.

Saturdays May 4 and 11     10am - 1pm

Dine with Style Logo.png

Dine with Style

An amazing night of learning for your kids and family with our comprehensive dining etiquette program. From the moment they sit down to the last bite, we cover all aspects of dining etiquette. Plus, enjoy a delightful 3-course menu as part of the experience.

Saturday, March 23, 2024  6pm - 7:30pm
Lititz Springs Inn


Create Your Own

If the lesson you are interested is not currently scheduled, you are welcome to form a group to be taught one of the above lessons at any time that fits into the schedule.


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