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Develop. Grow. Succeed.

Introducing our "Poised and Pretty Teen" series, where young ladies embark on an enlightening journey of understanding. We'll delve into the reasons behind etiquette training, customized to resonate with their unique perspective. Engaging activities, role-play, and exercises will be their allies as they grasp the essence of social skills and manners. Our goal is to create a supportive and enjoyable environment, nurturing their evolution into confident and empowered young women.

The course package includes a comprehensive manual, a practical workbook, and delightful surprises along the way.

Here's a sneak peek of what we'll explore:

Visual Poise I

  • Cultivating a Confident Posture

  • Perfecting Your Stance

  • Mastering Graceful Sitting

  • Creating Positive First Impressions

Social Etiquette I

  • Unlocking the Art of Introductions

  • Crafting Polite Conversations

  • Navigating Phone Etiquette

  • Conquering Nerves in Public Speaking

Style & Grooming

  • Nurturing Healthy Skin, Hair, and Hands

  • Crafting Your Personal Beauty Routine

Visual Poise II / Social Etiquette

  • Walking with Elegance

  • Conquering Stairs, Cars, and More

  • Crafting Heartfelt Thank You Notes

  • Polishing Correspondence Skills

Social Etiquette II

  • Hosting with Poise

  • Being a Gracious Guest

  • Thriving in Various Social Settings

Social Etiquette III

  • Spreading Civility in Your Community

  • Fostering Harmony at Home

  • Cultivating Lifelong Friendships

  • Embracing Acts of Kindness

Dining Etiquette

As they journey through these insightful lessons, they'll develop skills that will gracefully serve them in any situation.

Calling all teenage girls ready to radiate confidence! Welcome to "Poised and Pretty Teen," a dynamic course designed to empower you with essential social skills for every circumstance. Through three engaging two-hour sessions, you'll transform into a poised and confident young woman, equipped to navigate the social world with grace.

Session 1: Building Inner Confidence

  • Embrace your uniqueness and boost self-esteem.

  • Master the art of assertive communication.

  • Overcome nervousness and exude self-assuredness.

Session 2: Crafting Your Social Persona

  • Make unforgettable first impressions through body language and style.

  • Navigate small talk and forge meaningful connections.

  • Tackle conflicts with diplomacy and uphold positive interactions.

Session 3: Etiquette Mastery and Beyond

  • Decode digital etiquette and excel in modern social interactions.

  • Dine with finesse and grace in any setting.

  • Cultivate relationships for personal and professional growth.

Course Highlights:

  • Engaging live sessions led by expert instructors.

  • Interactive discussions, role-playing, and hands-on activities.

  • Access to comprehensive course materials, resources, and personalized feedback.

  • Receive a certificate of completion to proudly showcase your newfound skills.

Ready to step into a world of confidence, poise, and charm? Enroll in "Poised and Pretty Teen" and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and fun. With just three sessions, you'll be well-prepared to tackle any social situation with grace and confidence. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform into a poised and confident young woman!


Join our next Poised and Pretty Series.

Saturdays from 1:00pm - 3:00pm

First Session - Saturday, October 14

Second Session - Saturday, October 21

Final Session - Saturday, October 28

This session is for teen girls.

Classes will be held at the INSPIRE Business Community at 226 N. Arch Street
Lancaster, PA

Poised and Pretty TEEN

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