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What is Polite Little Pandas?

This unique eight-lesson curriculum is designed to teach children the foundation of social graces. It is more than manners; we are teaching attitudes. An attitude of respect, an attitude of gratitude, and most importantly an attitude of kindness.

According to the dictionary, a kind person is one who is affectionate, caring, gentle, considerate, courteous, friendly, loving, neighborly, thoughtful, and understanding. Basically, everything we teach with good manners and etiquette.

When children learn kindness, they learn empathy, respect and courtesy. They are also learning self-confidence.

Children love these fun and interactive lessons filled with role play activities, crafts, games, discussions, and stories. Students will be encouraged to continue their lessons at home and earn prizes for their hard work!

Teacher with Pupils

Lessons Taught in Polite Little Pandas

Lesson 1 - Please and Thank You

Teaching preschoolers to use words like "please," "thank you," and other pleasantries is essential as it forms the foundation of effective communication and social skills. These words show respect, consideration, and appreciation, helping children understand the importance of treating others kindly.

Lesson 2 - Hello and Goodbye

Teaching preschoolers the magic of saying "hello," "goodbye," and other greetings is like giving them a special key to connect with the world. These friendly words show kindness, respect, and make everyone feel welcome. As they learn these simple yet heartwarming gestures, preschoolers start building bridges of friendship and happiness that last a lifetime.

Lesson 3 - Friendship and Sharing

Kindness creates more kindness. Sharing is letting others know that you like them and want to play with them. Sharing is hard, but there is a lot of joy in sharing. With fun crafts it is fun to learn the fun in sharing. Being, making, and keeping friends is done through kindness.

Lesson 4 - Listening

Active listening is absolutely vital for preschoolers. It's the key to learning words, understanding the world, and forming strong bonds with others. From school success to building relationships, it's an essential skill for their growth.

Lesson 5 - Waiting

Learning the skill of waiting is crucial for preschoolers because it helps them develop patience, self-control, and the ability to manage their impulses. This skill lays the groundwork for better social interactions, problem-solving, and adapting to various situations, setting them up for success in school and beyond.

Lesson 6 - Setting the Table

Setting the table is like creating a special place where we gather to enjoy delicious food and good company. It's not just about forks and plates; it's about showing love and care for everyone around the table. By setting the table together, we learn how to prepare for shared moments and make others feel happy and valued.

Lesson 7 - At Home

Showing etiquette and kindness at home is important because it helps create a happy and harmonious environment where everyone feels loved and respected. When we use our best manners and treat each other with kindness, we build strong bonds of trust and understanding within our family. These actions teach us how to communicate well, solve problems together, and create a safe space where everyone can grow and thrive.

Lesson 8 - Grooming and Hygiene

Teaching grooming and hygiene to preschoolers is essential because it helps them stay healthy, feel confident, and show respect for themselves and others. Learning to wash hands, brush teeth, and keep clean shows them how to take care of their bodies. This not only prevents illness but also boosts their self-esteem, making them feel good about themselves and ensuring they can enjoy active and happy lives.

Our instructor (Annie Ahm Hartley) will come to your school or premise with all the supplies ready to go.

The cost per student is $120.

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Polite Little Pandas is a great addition to extended-day programs at preschools and private schools. It can also be booked as a private group by Mom Groups and Homeschool Groups.

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Curious to see what clients are saying about working with Polite Little Pandas? Browse through some client testimonials below to get a better idea of the kind of service you’ll recieve when you partner with Polite Little Pandas.

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Annie Ahm Hartley

Annie was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She has had the privilege to live and travel abroad. This exposure to other cultures has given her the opportunity to experience first hand the different societies and manners around the world. While many manners where different, she noticed that they all had one thing in common - kindness. With that she realized that no matter where you go, or what language you speak, if you have good manners, an open mind, kindness, and courtesy you will have a higher chance to succeed.

Annie has been certified at two nationally acclaimed Etiquette Schools. She has a business and children's etiquette certifications from The Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, MO and a children's etiquette certification from The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette in Charleston, SC.

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Dorrie A.

My daughter absolutely loved this class!! I can definitely say her manners are better now then when she started the class. Would absolutely recommend this class!


Rachel K.

Our daughter is 4 and full of lots of energy. She absolutely loved taking the Polite Panda's class after pre-K at Calvary Preschool. The class was fun, well structured and she learned a lot. We saw a positive change in her attitude towards her siblings and a big improvement in sharing and manners. In addition to being polite, we loved that the class focused on how to treat others kindly and respectfully. Miss Annie had so many fun ways for us to continue new habits and behaviors at home with charts and rewards systems. Our daughter loved her and we can't wait to enroll her again this spring.


Kristin G.

Polite Little Pandas was a great experience for my 4 year old daughter. She thoroughly enjoyed her lessons, learned a lot and applied her skills at home. I would recommend Annie’s classes to any age group and hope to take more in the future.

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