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Youth Lessons

A foundation of good manners is essential to the development of confidence, presentation, and leadership skills. Etiquette abilities are a vital life skill for all ages.

All of our lessons have a strong emphasis on kindness and courtesy. Kindness and courtesy are the bedrock of all manner and etiquette guidelines.

Have your children be part of the Courtesy Club!


Children's Dining Etiquette

 Ages 5 - 12        1.5 Hours        $65

In this exciting hands-on class, children will learn how to set a table, how to use a napkin and utensils, table manners and conversation, how to eat tricky foods and many more dining etiquette skills that they will show off with pride at your next meal.


This is a fun and interactive group lesson. Learning in a group setting is fun and motivational. Children will leave excited to show off their new skills.

The cost of the class includes an etiquette manual and snacks.

This class is regularly scheduled throughout the year. Sign up for e-mails to know when the next one is coming up.

Class can also be booked as a private individual or group lesson. 

Group discount available. 

 Learn More.


Poised and Pretty

Girls in Grades 2 - 6               $200

This interactive workshop is especially designed with young girls in mind. They will learn the basics of manners with role playing and games.

Social Skills such as:

Good Posture and Poise


Art of Conversation

Personal Care and Hygiene

Being a Good Guest

Being a Good Host

Dining Etiquette

and so much more.

This workshop can be taught in 3, 4, or 6 sessions. Can be scheduled as a private class or a group lesson.

RSVP to be the first to know of our next class.  Learn more.

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Dining Etiquette for Teens

1.5 Hours     $65

This 1.5 hour workshop offers teens the opportunity to learn about proper skills for any dining situation - casual BBQ to fine dining.. 

Skills Taught in this Workshop Include:

Table Manners - Napkin Etiquette - Proper Use of Utensils - Soup Etiquette

Bread & Butter Etiquette - American & Continental Dining Styles - Posture

Conversation - Table Setting: Informal to Formal - Serving - Tricky Foods

Proper Wardrobe - Unavoidable Situations and What to do.

Group Discounts available.

Classes scheduled throughout the year. RSVP to be the first to know of our next scheduled class. Class can also be scheduled as a private or small group lesson. Learn more.

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Polite Little Pandas

An Extended Day Program for Schools

We are proud to offer Polite Little Pandas! This is a great addition to your Extended Day Programs at schools. It is also a good option for homeschool groups and mom groups! 

It is a nine-week curriculum full of crafts and activities for children in Preschool through Second Grade. Contact us for more information, or go to our Polite Little Pandas website

Group Seflie

Private Individual or Small Group Lessons

Parents, Groups, and Schools and  are welcome to form a class, either virtually or in-person, any time that fits the schedule. Our program makes learning etiquette, courtesy and kindness fun.

You can choose from one of our lessons or we can create a customized class for your needs. Topics to consider are Social Skills, Art of Conversation, Going Places/Doing Things, Dining Etiquette and Social Media/Technology Savvy, 

For more information or to book a Small Group Lesson, click here. 

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