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I had been searching for an etiquette class for my boys for a few years, and never found anything like this in the Lancaster area. When I saw a friend post about this class I was thrilled! My two boys enjoyed the class and learned a lot of new tips. They came home very excited about the time they had. My favorite quote from my five year old was, "Mommy, I will be keeping my mouth closed when I have food in my mouth." This somehow struck him as a new idea! It's so good for my boys to hear these things from other people besides me all the time! I hope to bring my boys back in the future! Great job Annie!

- Rachelle N.

I was very excited to have my 8 year old daughter learn some table manners by attending Dine with style- dining etiquette for children. I had been trying unsuccessfully for years to at least have my daughter sit up when we go out to eat at a restaurant. The instructor was very warm and friendly and answered all my questions prior to the class and after the class was over. After the class my daughter told me she had a great time and learned a lot. That evening during dinner I was amazed that my daughter was setting the table and explaining everything she learned. She even mentioned not slouching or putting her elbows on the table 😳, I have been saying this for years! All, it took was 1.5 hours with Annie and now my daughter is eating more civilized! Now at every dinner, she wants to show me her new skills! I can’t thank Annie, enough! It is a wonderful class, I highly recommend for parents wanting to help their child expand their knowledge on the finer details of table etiquette.

- Stephanie A.

I sent my 8-year-old and my 7-year-old daughters to Etiquette Class and saw results right away. The classes are relevant and well run with lots of hands-on practice and materials to make it fun even for younger kids. I would definitely recommend this class to others who want their kids to have better manners at the table!

- Evelyn B.

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