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Saturday, March 23, 2024
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Lititz Springs Inn and Spa

I am so excited to be hosting a Dine with Style - Dining Etiquette Dinner at Lititz Springs Inn and Spa! During this three-course dinner you will learn everything there is to know about Dining Etiquette. From the moment you sit down, we will be discussing all aspects of a formal meal, all while enjoying the delicious set menu created by Lititz Springs Inn and Spa. After the luncheon you can enjoy a casual stroll through Main Street Lititz, always a nice experience!

Proper Posture and Seating: We'll teach your children the importance of sitting up straight, maintaining good posture, and using the correct seating position. Proper posture not only reflects respect but also contributes to a comfortable and confident dining experience.

Napkin Etiquette: From unfolding and placing napkins to using them throughout the meal, we'll guide your children on proper napkin etiquette. They'll learn how to handle napkins with grace, whether it's on their lap or momentarily placed on the table.

Utensil Usage: Mastering the use of utensils can be a game-changer. We'll cover how to hold utensils correctly, which ones to use when, and how to cut and eat various types of food gracefully.

Soup and Bread Etiquette: From holding soup spoons to breaking bread, we'll ensure your children have the confidence to navigate soups and bread courses with ease. They'll learn the art of spooning and sipping soup silently and elegantly, and how to enjoy bread without making a mess.

American & Continental Dining Styles: We'll introduce both American and Continental dining styles, equipping your children with the knowledge of which style to use in different settings. This will make them feel comfortable and capable whether they're at a casual meal or a formal event.

Proper Table Conversation: Engaging in polite and interesting table conversation is a hallmark of good etiquette. Your children will learn how to contribute positively to conversations, ask questions, and participate in discussions that add value to the meal experience.

Professional Dining Etiquette: We'll touch on dining etiquette in professional settings, which is crucial for their future endeavors. They'll understand the subtle nuances of dining during business meetings or interviews, ensuring they make a positive impression.

Roles at the Table: Knowing their place at the table and understanding roles like host, guest, and server is essential. We'll clarify these roles and how to navigate them gracefully, enhancing their social confidence.

Restaurant Etiquette: We'll guide your children through the dos and don'ts of dining out. From ordering and interacting with waitstaff to handling various courses in a restaurant setting, they'll be well-prepared for a range of dining experiences.

By covering these topics, your children will gain a comprehensive understanding of dining etiquette, ensuring they approach any dining situation with poise, confidence, and respect. And remember, this engaging experience is complemented by a delightful 3-course menu, making it an enriching and enjoyable journey into the world of dining etiquette.

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